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VIA the Seine June 2017
2017-2018 School Calendar
SRSD Accessability Plan

All new students requiring bus transportation must submit a Request for Transportation Form.  As well, any changes to daycare and sitter you must submit a Request for Transportation Form.

Click here for Request for Transportation Form

Click here for Complete
Student Transportation Information Document

Requests for changes to pick up/drop-off

We frequently get requests for one-time changes on the bus and often these calls are arriving in the AM and PM when busses are running and the personnel must monitor the radios and telephones for messages from the bus drivers. For this reason, except for emergency situations, we are requesting that all parents give a minimum of 24 hours notice for a requested change to a scheduled pick-up or drop-off of a transported student.




If you wish to correspond to an employee via email
the standard format is
first initial last name@srsd.ca
Example: To email Tim Parker use tparker@srsd.ca